Monday, October 25, 2010

Switch and patch panel port to quickly find the corresponding method

In the establishment of local area network, in accordance with the general standard cabling, construction should be used with the "standard meter" on both sides of the cable or crystal head office dedicated set of "abnormal number of tubes," and the Cabinet Office, to do with the "standard meter" or "no control" the computer identifies the corresponding record. Many units had a small number of computers, then incrementally add Liao Yi Xie Ji Suanji, Zuchengjuyou Yidingguimo the LAN, the original network to connect the computer when Bing Mei You's Wang Xianzuobiaoshi, Huo added only Le 1234, ABCD that the paper Tags, prone to duplication, over time there will be blurred identity, which for the future of network maintenance inconvenienced. Transformation in a local area network standardization process, to switch the computer connected to the cable pairs is a tedious job, here the matching of four common methods:

1. Using cable test thread: This is the one commonly used method, all the network cable from the switch (or Hub) on the pull, the survey line transmitter device connected to the computer network at one end of the line, then the receiver end of each test cable end switch, find out the direction the signal connected at one end, put on number of tubes, insert the corresponding switch position, and make records, to complete a line matching network, and then proceed to the next line matching network work. This method is suitable for a smaller number of LAN computers.

2. One by one turn on the computer: the network connection under normal circumstances, the computer network card's power indicator lights and switch-side data port corresponding to the location of power indicator and data Lantern Festival lights up, according to this feature, we can each turn on the computer to observe the switch position indicator which lights up the corresponding port of the network cable and just turn on the computer that is connected to the Okanagan has. Some of the cards, as long as the card access to the LAN, the boot light is bright or not, is not suitable for this method.

3. Net line "hot swap": in the open computer case, unplug the network cable and network card connected to observe the location of the light switch off on which to determine the computer connected to the cable. Reason and method 2 is the same, but there are some hot-plug on the computer harm.

The method requires disconnect LAN connection, with two people to complete the switch from the remote computer and when it is through radio, mobile phone contact. If one person to complete the work, labor intensity is great. Some important local area network can not just disconnect the network connection, then there is no simpler way? Certainly have!

4, large data copy method: We know that light switch and network card data during data transmission flashes quickly, according to this feature, we can copy data from the specified computer, by observing the fast blinking switch indicator to determine the data connected computer.

First of all, to borrow a computer placed next to the switch, do a short network cable into the switch port specified, confirmed this computer can be connected to the LAN (assuming the computer called the test, access switch port 1), then Check the LAN can access each computer is the LAN, you can open the "Network Neighborhood" to see whether I can find that computer used for testing: test, while the computer on a large data set shared folder (such as Sharing C drive). Put on the wire "control number", noted down the computer data, such as the location of the computer, the computer name, IP address, "No control" number.

The following can be paired to work fast. In the test computer, open "My Network Places", double-click a computer, find the shared folder, and copy large data files to the test computer, then observe the data light switch, there should be two positions of the indicator light, continuously flashing, a test computer that is connecting the port 1 is connected to another port location data replication that computer, and put on "no control", note the port position, to complete a line of matching network .

In the test computer, open "My Network Places", find another computer's shared folder, and then copy the large data files, to determine its position on the switch port. One by one, the LAN cable matching.

Finally, remove the test computer, copied the files to remove the LAN settings on the computer the shared folder. Organize computer data, computer and switch port corresponds to and the "number of pipe" annotation records.

This method does not require disconnecting the LAN connection, testing the connection status of the computer to switch on one cable pair to complete, convenient, fast.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The set EAM2008 into Yunnan Lancang Lead

December 2009, Guangzhou Chint business data and Yunnan Lancang Lead Co., Ltd. signed a contract for its implementation based asset management system EAM2008, for device asset information management.

Yunnan Lancang Lead Co., Ltd. is from Yunnan Metallurgical Group Corporation and Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute, set up a joint venture limited liability company, the company mainly produces heavy pollution of those toxic non-ferrous metal mining, silver, solid sulfur, iron sulfate, lignite, are Southwest Yunnan's largest lead-zinc smelting silver base.

In the mine located EAM2008 version is designed for mining equipment business day to day management of the development is made, the system the routine Equipment Accounting, operation, maintenance, maintenance management, but also specifically for mining companies drill, excavator buckets and other equipment for the professional management of rental Preferences; system established with equipment asset life cycle management model for the asset management system can automatically integrate the mining equipment procurement, installation, operation, change, depreciation, repairs, maintenance, lubrication, scrap of thorough management data records, including dynamic data, including the formation of a complete asset management files; system has an advanced system of tree equipment, tree assets, managers from the organization, composed of mining equipment level, geo-spatial perspective 3 for use of equipment assets Account Management position, maintenance and repair technology orientation, spatial location and environmental positioning.

The application is hosted EAM2008 optimize the Yunnan Lancang Lead Co., asset management system, and promote asset management toward refinement, information forward.

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Stealing "technology" take "clever" with CorelDraw

You used CorelDraw it? If not used, then this will be your very useful, because the article provides the "technical" and "clever" to help you in a very short period of time can skilled use of CorelDraw, the following we look at how these techniques "stolen" over appropriated it!

1, fast copy colors and attributes

In CorelDraw software, to its group in the single object color is the most efficient way to screen the color palette to drag and drop objects directly. Similarly, reason, copy attributes to group a single object in the user drag a shortcut to the object, hold down the right mouse button, and the properties of this object is the target object by copying the user wants to go. When the user releases the button, the program pops up a menu right in the menu, the user can choose the properties you want to copy the command.

Second, to smooth the transition effects

Gradient effect is commonly used in the process of image making an effect, how to deal with this effect of graded levels of more smooth, more natural that it becomes very important. In CorelDraw, the access to the middle of the shape of a smooth gradient is the best way to control the object as a start, the gradient control of objects using the same number of nodes, and is drawing in the same order (clockwise or counterclockwise) have established. To do so, need to modify the copy of the first object to create your second object. In the first object is selected, the digital keyboard press + key to copy it. Put aside a copy, select the Shape tool, and started to re-arrange the node. If you need to add extra here or there, the node to create a second object (in CorelDraw, you can double-click to add a node curve), please also add in the first object that corresponds to the node. If your shape has many nodes, you can place a temporary marker as circle like object in the neighboring nodes in the first place, but also put another marker in the second object in a place near the corresponding node.

Third, ensure the same color palette

Production of images, in order to achieve an overall consistent results, we often need the same objects in different color processing, and color to achieve the same purpose, we need to set these objects the same color palette. Set, we can follow the following steps: firstly in CorelDraw, open the Tool menu of the New Palette From Document or New Palette From Selection command to capture, store name and color palette. Then Palette Editor (can be found in the Tool menu) by sorting the order of your favorite colors. Finally, in another file, display the new palette, choose View, Color Palette, Load Palette, and select the palette you have named.

4, free erase lines

In CorelDraw, we can use one of the hand-drawn pencil tool arbitrary "play", but, once the play too much and accidentally touched the wrong line drawing or painting is wrong, you are how to deal with it? Perhaps, you think of the line to delete or cancel several times, in fact, there is a more flexible approach is to press the Shift key, and then reverse erase on it.

5, so that the free return of ruler

In general, CorelDraw when using the ruler, are in the specified location, but sometimes in dealing with images, use the ruler at any time, using the location is random, then how do we make our ruler in accordance with the requirements of becoming more "free" to do so? How is relatively simple, we simply hold down the Shift key on a ruler to drag the mouse, you can move the ruler. Ruler if you want to put back, then simply hold down the Shift key on a ruler quickly press the mouse button twice, it will immediately go places.

6, fast output

It is said that the output is not a click "Print" button on it, the output speed is not help anyone. That's true, but the images produced using CorelDraw, the print output is best to check the page before, in non-print area of the page is stored a lot of temporary objects, these objects in the print output, Although not actually been printed, but still will be computing, so computer to spend more time to deal with this we just delete these temporary objects can greatly improve the speed of the output.

7, scaling rotation at the same time do

It stands to reason that, we execute a command, the program should be a corresponding action, but in CorelDraw, we simply hold down the Shift key while dragging the object of the rotating handle, you can make an object rotate and zoom with the completion of action ; If it is, then hold down the Alt key, you can simultaneously rotate and tilt the object deformation effect.

8, get rid of pitting on the map

In the scanning or image processing, due to operational reasons or other factors, inadvertently added some noise in the image or pitting, although these defects can not affect the effect of the whole lot of images, but if you are a bit a perfectionist, and that they must pitting "Please go," how to do? The solution is to turn the map into bitmaps, one can not do do it again, can dump into CorelDraw 8.0 in the output.

9, using CorelDraw to create greeting cards

Using CorelDraw text and image combination function, we can fine graphics and sincere greetings to combine together to create a greeting cards, postcards, etc., can play excellent results. Here I introduce to you a greeting card on the production process, specific steps are as follows:

1, run the CorelDraw program, open the user interface, the Toolbox, select "Rectangle" tool, the new page in the window to draw a wide and 200 mm, 297 mm long rectangular box.

2, right-click menu bar "File" menu item, and from the pop-up drop-down menu, select "Import" command, from the subsequent pop-up file selection dialog box, select the background image to insert cards, adjusting the background size of the picture to fit the rectangular box.

3, then in the toolbox, right-click "Text" tool button, then move the mouse to click the picture in the appropriate place, while input needed in greeting cards, such as "I wish you happy every day", and adjust its size and location.

4, then use the mouse to click the menu bar of the "Text" menu item, and from the pop-up sub-menu, select "Format Text" command in the pop-up dialog box, click "Align", and then click " China ", set up the alignment, click the" OK "button to return to the main interface.

6, select all objects, and use the mouse to select "Arrange" menu "align with the distribution", in the open dialog box, click "Align" tab under the Settings tab in the vertical and horizontal alignment of the way "China", and then click "OK" button.

7, then use the selection tool to select some text, following the left mouse button, drag the text to another location, right-click and then left open, will have a copy text.

8, and then select the copy of the text, and use tools to copy the text color tone lighter to facilitate it as a shadow of the text, and move to the right location, select the appropriate text color.

9, the last in the toolbox, click the "Interactive Transparency tool" button, the page editor from the beginning of transparency to the end of a drag, so a simple greeting card to generate.
10, to add the object to change the tone and shades of different colors

CorelDraw program has a strong color capabilities, using its built-in color palette, we can easily change the color and add to the objects of different shades of color, the detail steps are as follows:

1, in the main operating window, select the toolbox with the mouse to select the selection tool to change the color of the object.

2, select the required object, we can hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and mouse click the color palette on the need to choose the color requirement and can not be the same as the original fill color.
3, repeat step 2 to the object operation method can enhance the color tone.

4, if the object is added to give different shades of color, first hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, while the color palette with the mouse click and hold down the mouse tightly.

5, if the path to change the color of the object frame or shading, can hold down the Ctrl key while right-to-click the color palette in need, you can change the color shades of the framework and path.

11, using CorelDraw to create your own business cards

CorelDraw has a very powerful layout function, we can use this feature yourself, to easily create your own business card to card to better show your own style, using CorelDraw to create business cards of specific steps:

1, the first open CorelDraw's main interface, use the mouse to click the menu bar of the "page" / "Page Setup" command in the pop-up dialog box to set the page width of 180 mm, height 280 mm.

2, from the window toolbar, select the rectangle tool button on the page draw a width of 88 mm, 54 mm high rectangle.

3, then the program menu bar and select "Arrange" / "change" / "position" command, the program will open a title for the "position shutter window" settings box, in the window manipulation to "relative location" is not selected, set the level of 50 mm, vertical 250 mm, and then click the Apply button.

4, in the window toolbar, select the text tool art, in a rectangular box to enter your business card content, such as entering their name, unit and contact information, enter the content to separate the input to the layout.

5, we can use the following tools to align the contents of the input layout, until the meet their requirements.

6, then select from the toolbar and then hand-painted tools to draw a length of 80 mm horizontal line, shortcut keys F12 or select the first line profile tool in the first five contour document tool into the profile settings, set the width of 0.01 inches other items remain unchanged, and then click the OK button.

7, then moved to just draw a good straight line over the content of the communication, and then use the mouse to select lines and rectangular boxes at the same time, while holding down the keyboard Ctrl + A composite key menu bar or click the "arrangement" / " alignment and distribution of "command, open the" alignment and distribution of rolling window "settings box, set the box to the" middle level "is selected, the other set items of the same, and finally click the Apply button, so a full card on the design better.

12, in the same window to quickly select objects

Sometimes using CorelDraw to create graphics, you need to use more than one object at the same time, if these objects are overlapping more and more for a long time, then the more difficult with the mouse to select the object to be covered in the following, unless the user to cover the object in the above 11 removed. But this operation a bit too much trouble, but in fact the user can use the keyboard Alt key plus mouse click, you can easily choose to be covered at the bottom of the object.

Previous 1 2 3 4 Next
13, Using the envelope tool to target setting

1, first using CorelDraw to open an existing object, and select the window using the mouse shaped objects.

2, right click the menu bar of the "effects" menu item, and from the pop-up drop-down menu, select "envelope" command.

3, and then click "Add envelope" command, you can place a basic rectangular envelope surrounded the selected object. At the same time when the "shape" tool is selected, and the boundaries with a node in the object around.

4, by clicking the button needed to choose the right editing.

5, then use the mouse to select a control handle and hold it and then drag the mouse according to their needs.

6, followed by the other nodes with the mouse to drag until the shape of the envelope are to meet their needs so far.

7, if not in the current editing mode get the outcomes it wants, the user can click the "Reset envelope" command, then choose another way of editing.

8, the object setting is completed, you can use the mouse to click the "Apply" button, to an object embedded in the envelope.

14, edit the icon bar

1, using CorelDraw to open an existing bar code object, and using the mouse to select the window to edit the bar code object.

2, then right-click menu bar "Edit" menu item, and from the pop-up drop-down menu, select "COREL bar object" command.

3, and then expand the toolbar, right click "convert" button.

4, confirm that "display as icon" and click "change icon" command.

5, indicate the region from a suitable icon.

15, filled with clever copy

In practice, sometimes we need a well-designed object-filled "Copy" to other objects up, according to conventional methods may be cumbersome, and the speed slower. Here the author provides a quick method of operation, specific steps are as follows:

1, the main operation in CorelDraw window, right click the selection tool in the tool bar to select the first object.

2, then press and hold the right mouse button and hold while dragging the mouse to drag the object need to copy the back fill, before the release of the mouse.

3, then from the pop-up shortcut menu, click "Copy Fill" command on it.

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Neusoft interpretation of "child swallow mother" listed as a whole integration scheme

January 18, shares and Neusoft Neusoft Neusoft Group Board of Directors examined and approved the listing of the program overall. When a reporter consult the relevant details, Neusoft that is currently in sensitive period, any statements to the investors are likely to cause misunderstanding. But the reporter was informed that the cancellation of legal personality of Neusoft Group, Neusoft shares as to the existence of listed companies.

In accordance with the motion passed, Neusoft Neusoft subsidiary shares will be on January 17 closing price of 24.49 yuan as the conversion price, the parent company of Neusoft Group, the convertible price is 7 yuan exchange ratio of 1:3.5.

Although this motion be considered general meeting of shareholders, and the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and other relevant national authorities approved before implementation. But notice a 22, price of the shares Neusoft January 22 ~ 24, three consecutive trading days the closing price deviation from the value of the cumulative increase to 20%. January 25, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.95%, but the price of the shares Neusoft rose 9.75%, to 35.77 yuan.

Neusoft Group, the voice calls market a long time. In 2005, the main business income of Neusoft Group, 2.778 billion yuan, net profit of 137.9 million yuan, net of Neusoft shares contributed 34.9 million yuan, the Group achieved a profit of about 103 million. Analysts said that Neusoft Group return on equity (ROE) as high as 13%, much higher than 4.4% of listed companies, listed companies will no doubt help improve the overall performance of listed companies.

Moreover, since the shares have Neusoft Neusoft Group and the software outsourcing business, and higher than the Neusoft Group's outsourcing revenue shares to the shareholders that the same group compete with the delay of the shares of listed companies Neusoft the growth of outsourcing.

Some analysts believe that the listing of opportunities with the Group, Neusoft to better integrate various resources, including the Group's domestic and international businesses, including listed companies and business groups overlap. Neusoft Group can be listed by the opportunity to raise more funds to expand its staff size, further expansion of business to provide financial support.

News Comments: Neusoft overall market, to avoid competition with industry is one of the reasons, I am afraid, "misappropriating" is another objective. Neusoft shares of listed companies in the eyes of investors is not "quality", profitability is more likely to win more of the group to please investors. Although the surface is "the annexation of the parent company, subsidiary," but in essence, "the mother to promote child fat," so that companies can ring to more money.

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Navigator V6.0 grand public

- Cost-effective business management software growth

December 8, is a new generation of aircraft Navigator V6.0 available commercial version of a grand. The launch of this product are the healthy development of flight software is another milestone on the road, because it is occupied for the largest domestic market capacity, the most growth potential of the group - growing SMEs.

SMEs often domestic growth through entrepreneurship, survival, expansion, maturity and development stage. Many SMEs in business after a difficult stage, faced with how to play their competitive advantage through survival, resulting in more stable development. In particular, many of today's external market shocks, the pressure to reduce costs, integrate various resources only to reduce costs? ! At this point, companies need a suitable location and develop their own features, management concepts mature, cost-effective management software. To do this, aviation software is nearly twenty years with experience, for all stages of business development growth characteristics, with emphasis on standardized management processes, functional and pragmatic, easy to operate, flexible and controllable management platform, showing a flight software is set up for many years Experience crystal: a growth business for ERP Boutique - Navigator V6.0.

Air Navigator V6.0 is the new version including the business elite, Business Excellence Edition and three versions industrial version. Located in the internal growth of SMEs in different industries and management needs. December 8, Navigator Business Edition grand available, will also be held across the country tour briefing, full of navigation are integrated edge and enterprises around the world more in-depth knowledge and understanding of navigation who cast a successful information management in SMEs confidence.

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Cable construction should focus on good single-disc test

Single-disc test fiber cable line construction is a very important aspect. It is mainly after the use of optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), optical disc on a single length of optical fiber attenuation coefficient and scattering curves were measured after inspection, to determine whether the cable's key performance indicators to project design and procurement requirements, and provide the basis for the cable distribution site.

Single-disc test fiber cable quality is also defined responsibilities and an important part of project construction. Cable in the production, storage and long-distance transportation, the fiber may be damaged. According to "Military fiber optic cable construction and acceptance of digital transmission systems engineering technical specifications" requirement, in the optical disk shipped to the construction site, you must on each fiber of each cable tray test (detection rate 100%), consistent with technical indicators before they can be with plate and laying. However, some construction units do not pay attention to this link, that manufacturers have already provided relevant information, the test is carried out sampling (detection rate of 50% or less), or just check for a fiber length, other indicators be neglected in more even are, simply do not do a single disk test, this is very wrong. Once the cable laying fiber optic cable was found after completion of performance failure, it is difficult to distinguish between fiber quality or construction quality.

Based on years of construction experience, we believe that the construction should be strictly in accordance with the procedure, do a good job single-disk test, to ensure quality. The main procedures are as follows:

The first step: check the information: to reach test at the scene, should first check the cable factory quality certificate, and check the factory single-disc test data provided are complete, its content, including cable type, core number, length, end other, structural sections map and sequence of fiber-fiber, attenuation coefficient, refractive index and so on, to see whether the order contract required.

Step Two: Appearance check: mainly the optical disc packaging for damage during transport, and then check the cable opening with or without skin damage, cable skin print writing is clear, wear resistant, cable terminations packaging is intact. The existing problems, should make a detailed record, in the optical index test, key test should be done.

Third step: check the other side: from the outside to open stripped cable ends about 30cm, according to optical beam (or optical fiber ribbon) cable outside the chromatographic reason and do not judge, and contrast with the information provided by the factory to see if there are errors . Then in the cable tray cable side marked A, B-side to facilitate cable laying.

Step Four: Fiber Inspection: Stripper fiber loose tube about 20cm, clean optical fiber, optical fiber core number and check whether there are errors chromatography, and determine the optical fiber sequence.

Step Five: Testing technical indicators: measured with the activities of the connector to connect fiber optic pigtails and testing, OTDR testing and then the fiber length, the average loss, and the factory test target with the optical contrast, look for errors. View fiber after taking the curve to the scattering and reflection of whether the peak attenuation level. The entire fiber optic cable in there as long as there is a broken fiber, attenuation exceeded its apparent attenuation level or reflection peaks (not including the fiber end reflection peaks) should be regarded as substandard products.

Step Six: Check the electrical characteristics: If there are to much for cable or monitoring of the metal wire pairs should be tested on the electrical characteristics of wire indicators to see whether the national standards.

Step Seven: Waterproof performance check: test metal sheathed cable, metal parts such as strengthening the insulation resistance to ground to see whether the factory standards.

Step eight: Recovery Package: testing is completed, the first cut of light apparent reason Qi, with the heat shrink tube ends can be sealed, and then pull the cable shrouded in a fixed cable tray and cable tray in the same time, restoration of optical disc packaging.

In the process of optical single-disk test, should also pay attention to the following questions:

1, optical fiber cable in the surplus in the calculation: when tested with the OTDR, the fiber is longer than the length of cable that is fiber-optic cable in the surplus in the degree. And this margin of manufacturers do not usually provide, but it is also indispensable to maintain fiber optic cable line a parameter. We can be calculated by the following formula: degree = slim 梅 surplus cable length - 1. Thus, we maintain the course of optical cable, you can OTDR measured margin of fiber length and to determine the exact location of cable fault location: cable length = slim 梅 (1 + surplus degrees).

2, optical fiber attenuation coefficient test: OTDR testing with certain optical attenuation coefficient of error, the same fibers of different OTDR testing, the test results may not be the same, that is the same OTDR set different parameters, test results may not be the same. So, as long as the test results in the standard range, but with little difference between the data provided by the manufacturer, should be regarded as qualified. The test results exceeded the standard, not blindly to a conclusion, should a change of OTDR parameters or work environment, or for an OTDR to repeatedly test, compare, see if it really excessive.

3, "Magic peak" phenomenon: "Magic peak" phenomenon known as "ghost" phenomenon, which is in the use of OTDR test optical fiber, optical pulses in optical fibers due to multiple reflections, the fiber optic backscatter curve formed a reflective peak. Because of this reflection peak is formed with the fiber fracture is very similar to the reflection peak, the tester is easy to "magic peak" is formed as a fiber breakage caused by the reflection peak of misjudgment. Therefore, the optical scattering curve after the peak reflection occurs, it is necessary for further analysis, may come and go test pulse, measuring the length or the wavelength of measurement several times to compare the identification. If you can not judge, can be measured from the other side, or replacement of test instruments, re-measurement.

Has been identified as unqualified for the optical disc products, to register a clear, timely reporting and contact with manufacturers.


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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Economic Observer: the power behind the Green Dam Game Event

Green Dam software event is becoming a typical case of contemporary China. Without careful consideration behind the decision is part of the will of the government, the fact that some commercial power - this part of the commercial power is the power of China's closest business part of the government; while the other is the more active commercial power, network public, and has the technical capacity of democratization.

If it is not because it involves such a sensitive area, but also touched so many sectors of society fairly active, I am afraid this decision will be in the minority controversy quietly implemented. Behind this incident, we can vaguely see the process that could affect several of China's future strength, they were pulling in different directions toward the Chinese, but their efforts may determine China's future looks like.

The earliest reports came from "Wall Street Journal" It claimed that China's consistent position, "to tighten Internet control." Reported that the Chinese government plan calls for July 1, 2009 following the sale of all personal computers installed at the factory to prevent access to certain sites computer software, "This may give the government the contents of the review bodies Internet users access the Internet in China way to impose unprecedented control. " In the report published the same day (June 8), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "on the computer, Internet filtering software pre-installed green notice" in the official website of the Green Dam Green flight software on the web. The notice states: "computer manufacturing and sales enterprise should be completed by the end of June 2009 'Green Dam - Youth Escort' software pre-installed testing and other related work after 1 July 2009 and sales of computer factory to be pre-installed 'Green Dam - Youth Escort 'software. "

Some Chinese media quickly to the Green Dam software and software companies responsible for developing the report has caused great repercussions. China already has a huge Internet user base, which is part of a considerable portion of users are not too mean to by blog, forums, etc. to express their opinions. Green Dam software event that most directly touch the part of the crowd is. Forum in the portal and the user's own blog, questioned the voice of the Green Dam software one after another, opponents have also established a special website, called "anti-Green Dam official website."

Largest personal computer manufacturer has been hit the interests of fact. May not have a computer manufacturer refuses to cooperate, but if they comply with the requirements of the factory installation of the green bar computer software, these multinational giants will no doubt be a lot of blame, and even affect them in more markets sales. These will be related to personal computer makers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP and Wang Yang Such an important role in commercial arena, will undoubtedly act as the invisible opposition.

Those businesses do not need to depend on the government faces large companies, is clearly not standing on the perspective of the Ministry of Industry to consider the issue. This makes the event seem interesting. Green Dam on the news was reported in the week after, one in California, only 15 employees of software companies SolidOakSoftwareInc. On the U.S. media that the alleged plagiarism software, the Green Dam. The company's president, Milburn said, "I 99.99% to determine, if not the entire software, but also a large part stolen CyberSiitter (SolidOak of software products) code."

Technical forces that stand in the opposition party, at least those in the private sector does not control the technical staff. "Wall Street Journal" reported that researchers at the University of Michigan software on the Green Dam preliminary test results show that the Green Dam software "contains bugs that could cause users to the Internet when the computer attacks," "users to install software the Green Dam Filter updates, you may unknowingly download malicious software "," Green Dam frequent use of unsafe and outdated software, the programming operation may lead to many other weaknesses. To correct these problems, the need for extensive software and careful adjustment re-testing. "

Not take into account the feelings of many stakeholders, hastily made almost mandatory requirement, it is possible the development of information industry have a negative impact. Parties have shown some attitude, they will not completely without scruples of these objections. Although we can not determine how this incident the next evolution, but plays an important force in China, the relevant parties have been involved in the game Zhizhong: government, media, commercial companies, network and technical strength of public opinion. These types of power game that may decide the country's some kind of direction.

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